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From Young Adult to New Adult: Publishers Pushing the Boundaries

The Young Adult (YA) genre has been a staple in literature for decades, but in recent years, a new genre has emerged: New Adult (NA). This genre focuses on the experiences of characters between the ages of 18 and 25 and has become increasingly popular as readers search for stories that speak to their own experiences as they transition into adulthood. As a result, publishers are starting to take notice and are pushing the boundaries of what the genre can encompass.

One of the most notable publishers in the NA genre is Simon & Schuster's Gallery Books. They have an impressive list of New Adult titles, including "Easy" by Tammara Webber and "Hopeless" by Colleen Hoover, both of which have become New York Times bestsellers. Another publisher that is making a name for itself in the NA genre is Entangled Publishing, which specializes in New Adult romance. They have published several books that have become bestsellers in the genre, such as "The Deal" by Elle Kennedy and "The Score" by Elle Kennedy.

Harlequin's HQN imprint is also worth mentioning. They have published several NA titles that have become bestsellers, such as "The Vincent Boys" by Abbi Glines and "The Field Party" series by Abbi Glines. Another publisher that is making a mark in the NA genre is Swoon Reads, an imprint of Macmillan Publishers. They have published several NA books that have become popular with readers, such as "The Start of Me and You" by Emery Lord and "The Anatomical Shape of a Heart" by Jenn Bennett.

Self-publishing platforms like Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing and Barnes & Noble's Nook Press have also allowed for a wider range of NA authors to get their work in front of readers and has opened up the field for new voices.

In addition to the increase in the number of publishers and self-publishing platforms, the NA genre is also starting to encompass a wider range of themes and styles. Publishers are beginning to push the boundaries of what the genre can encompass, from more diverse representation to more complex themes, such as mental health and addiction.

In conclusion, the New Adult genre is becoming an increasingly popular choice for readers as they look for stories that reflect their own experiences. Publishers are taking notice and are pushing the boundaries of what the genre can encompass, from an increase in the number of NA titles to a wider range of themes and styles. From Simon & Schuster's Gallery Books, Entangled Publishing, Harlequin's HQN, Swoon Reads, to self-publishing platforms, these publishers are worth keeping an eye on for readers looking for the latest in New Adult fiction. As the genre continues to grow, it's likely that even more publishers will start to focus on this market, making it an exciting time for readers and writers alike.

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