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Service Departments

Interested in learning more about Elite Publishing Company and what goes on throughout your book publishing company?

Check out our service departments below.

Manufacturing Assembly


Whether your book is fact or fiction - or full of recipes or photos - we can offer you a wide range of cover styles, finishes, paper types, weights, trim sizes, and binding options.

Our hardcover books are robust, built to last, and ready to sit proudly on your reader’s shelf. The ideal choice to bring your story to life.

Delivery Men


Distribution refers to the process and logistics of making your book available to the customer. For print books, it means going from your printer to a retailer or directly to your reader. Book distribution is a crucial aspect of self-publishing.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Publishing is one of the rare modern industries that can boast roots reaching back to the 15th century. Although print media flourished for hundreds of years, technological advances within the past century have radically transformed the industry. In the 1940s, radio and television began chipping away at print readership by offering new formats for consuming content. More recently, the arrival of the public internet provided access to free global news sources and videos. Mobile technology then delivered on-the-go access to real-time breaking news and entertainment via text, streaming video and audio.

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