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FBI Mystery Series for the Modern Reader: A Selection of Essential Books

The FBI Mystery genre is a popular and evergreen topic for the crime fiction lovers, and with the recent surge in popularity of true crime and crime dramas, it's no surprise that many readers are looking for new and exciting books in this genre. Here are a few essential books for the modern reader looking to dive into the world of FBI mysteries:

  1. "The Chain" by Adrian McKinty - This thriller follows a group of parents as they are forced to participate in a dangerous game known as "The Chain," in which they must pay to secure a place for their child in a prestigious private school. When one of the parents is kidnapped, FBI agent Sean Duffy is called in to investigate.

  2. "The Night Fire" by Michael Connelly - This book is the latest in the Harry Bosch series and follows the detective as he investigates the murder of a defense attorney that ties to a cold case from Bosch's past.

  3. "The Lost Man" by Jane Harper - This novel follows two brothers as they investigate the death of their third brother on a remote cattle station in the Australian Outback, with the FBI called in to help with the investigation.

  4. "The Dutch House" by Ann Patchett - This book tells the story of two siblings and their relationship with their family home and the FBI agent who investigates a possible crime in their family's past.

  5. "The Last Flight" by Julie Clark - This thriller follows a woman who takes on a new identity and boards a flight to escape her past, only to find herself embroiled in a dangerous situation involving the FBI and a group of criminals.

These books provide a diverse and engaging selection of FBI Mystery stories, and will appeal to modern readers looking for fresh and exciting stories in the genre. Each one of these books offers a unique perspective on the investigative process, the agents, and the cases they work on, making them perfect for readers of all preferences.

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