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Fantasy Romance Publishers Specializing in Epic Fantasy

Epic fantasy is a sub-genre of fantasy that typically features a large-scale conflict, a complex world-building and a vast array of characters. Here are some fantasy romance publishers that specialize in epic fantasy:

  • Tor Books

  • DAW Books

  • Gollancz

  • Orbit

  • Solaris

  • Rebellion

  • Saga Press

  • Angry Robot

  • Harper Voyager

  • Del Rey

These publishers are known for publishing epic fantasy series that often blend romance with action, adventure and political intrigue. They often have a strong world building aspect and have a lot of characters and sub-plots. They may also offer a range of sub-genres such as High Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, and Sword and Sorcery. It's worth keeping an eye on their catalogs for exciting new releases and submission guidelines if you're an author looking to break into the epic fantasy romance genre.

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