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Waiting on Our Own Weights

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This book is dedicated in the memory of my mother, Martina R. Bryant Carruth, a woman with great principles and strength.

She always encouraged me to write and use the God given talent granted to me. My mother taught us to go after our goals in life, and she was our greatest supporter in doing it. She never held a grudge and always taught her children to get along and be independent. She was a woman of great vitality, and her teachings are forever in my heart and spirit. She illustrated strength in the eyes of her children, and even when life became challenging, her strength soared above it all. The time and effort dedicated to this manuscript is from the prayers and faithfulness of my mother’s investment in me.

Table of Contents

Introduction 9

Chapter 1: Discovery 12

Chapter 2: Break the Cycle 18

Chapter 3: If Not Now, When 25

Chapter 4: Focus 35

Chapter 5: Move 41

Chapter 6: Pick Up the Pace 48

Chapter 7: Plan to Win 54

Chapter 8: Mine Your Own Business 60

Chapter 9: Pay Attention 65

Chapter 10: Don’t Judge the View 70

Chapter 11: Fight 73

Chapter 12: Health Weights 77

Chapter 13: Live 82

Chapter 14: Gratitude 87

Chapter 15: The Best of You 92


When thinking of the challenges and detainments of our life, usually we do not initially think that the delay may be caused by ourselves. Our first thought is to believe that those things around us, or associated with us, are the factors that could result in the hurdles we acquire. It is human nature to always believe that we are doing the very best that we can from day to day, however, to unfold the process of evaluating ourselves, as the possible obstruction to our own advancement, may possibly shatter our ego. It is a process within itself to start making an assessment of who we really are, beginning with the judgment of our own mind and pathway of our thoughts. Rarely do we associate the weights of our existence originating from the person within.

However, broadening our perspective onto other people, or things, that are in our environment and community, without reversing the spotlight upon ourselves first, is almost always an impediment within itself.

Why does our curiosity seem to coerce us to the measure that we neglect the soul in which we occupy? Often our response is that other people and things are more captivating, or better yet, they are entertaining. Anything to divert the spotlight elsewhere. Regardless of our ethnicity, hereditary history, or economic framework, beginning the process of overcoming malfunctions that may occupy our internal space may be something to be reckoned with.

So who will we point the finger at, when the bumps in the road of life cause the route in which we travel to become too difficult to ride upon? And who then owns the responsibility to the winding curves that the path now presents? Evaluations require the action of making assessments, taking in considerations, estimations, and judgments of the matters present. Such evaluations often produce a pause in time, an opinion, and thought, into the existing focal point. Therefore, how do we navigate our way forward when the outcome of our assessment pilots its way to the contender instead of the one and only you?

When the expectations and waiting become personal weights, how do we master the art of liberating the person within? No one ever wants to take ownership, that the appetite for their expectations, can turn into pressure, poundage, substance, influence, stress, power, or even a load to coexist with. As a born-again believer, the Bible instructs us to cast every care upon Him (The Lord Jesus) because he cares (1Peter 5:7). In addition, the Bible informs us of those that wait upon the Lord shall be renewed in their strength (Isa 40:31). However, how do we consider this to be an effective force, directly in the processing, of the person within?

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