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The Truth and the Great Deceiver

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Table of Contents

Introduction 7

The Truth (The First Man of God) 11

Ezekiel the Prophet 34

The Abomination / The Marriage of Man 51

Adam & Eve 63

The Great Deceiver 77

Jesus 88

The Warnings 104

The Lord God of The Earth 113

Conclusion 121




Heaven, with Father alone, would have been sufficient to live forever, but a great cause erupted in Heaven with God and a place that was designed to be Holy has been intervened by disobedience and Sin. The issue caused many convictions and caused God our Father to pass down a Judgement on what was meant to be a Holy Place; in other words, God had to clean up His own House/ Heaven. Placing His trust into a child He adopted to become the first high Priest and gave power as the anointed Cherubim, a child raised by God that He married by a covenant. He was the most beautiful Angel of God and chosen to minister over the people of God’s Heaven. God’s compassionate side of himself trusted a man child raised by Himself to have such an Honor yet knowing how deceitful the child will become as a man and bring shame to Heaven and cause many to perish. The Faith that our God has in His children; even though some will defy the principles of God and even deny there is a God.

This should ponder the mind concerning why we exist on Earth and why our Father made 2 places of dwelling when there was Heaven with God alone. This has possibly pondered the hearts of many people including myself. The beginning where Our Father God made Heaven the place for His dwelling for the creation of the first mankind; and to the realization it; Earth had no form of life, let alone it was hidden from the Heaven of God’s people. Led to the studies and research to evaluate a Truth hidden in the Bible, the mystery that may have or may not have been introduced to the children of God, as we need to know. Because of what he created in the beginning of creating Life, God knew He will have to separate Good and Evil in Heaven and thus do so on Earth in like manner to illustrate the magnitude of darkness created and given by knowledge to the child who became deceitful and used the power and the lasciviousness (lustfulness), fornications and Adultery that was executed among the people of God. And the people of God have gone astray in disobedience as well before the chosen child was born, for there was no Priest to minister the Word of God, because it was God and God alone in the True Heaven. And the days of Light for the Glory of God reigned all day and there was not a need for the night in God’s Heaven until Sin. This would give an understanding of the 2 places Father created, one being of light and the other of darkness, a preparation made in Heaven for the separation of God’s children. Sins and corruptions were committed and eventually caused an expulsion on multiple levels among nations and led to their Great separation from Heaven. For the Heaven of Our Father God and its beginning is the same process that God created on Earth in the beginning of Genesis; They lived their life in a like manner as we began ours except God created a Holy Man to reign the Earth. Never again will God our Father trust man to have His power to rule over His people. That even after the first Judgement the remaining lived as Angelic Angels upon the surfaces of Heaven. With all this interference and rebellion, and realization of the True fall of the disobedient children in Heaven, that Earth was set as storage for future usage to contain what it was meant to be a place of Darkness. Because of the creation of Good and Evil, which meant to serve a purpose for God and how it will be used one day, serves its purpose now! A proving ground for a total separation from Satan and Darkness and the Principalities that perished the Souls of many in Heaven. That the children must endure and surrender by faith, belief, and trust in the Lord God of our creation and life. Not only was Earth meant to be a place of worship and live Holy, but to develop and illustrate to the pardoned adults and children, the just cause of the Great Separation between Heaven and Hell/Evilness. God will not trust man or Adam with such Power again but offered redemption for what He created that was not meant to be revealed, but God revealed it. And that is Evil and all his consequences with being deceived by Lucifer and the darkness. And now, the Earth has entered the Darkness and Evil resting on it for the day of the Lord God (the introduction of His presence) known as the Light of the World; the Glory of God, the Holy One, the Redeemer and the Savior into an environment identical to the True Heaven of God. This book will reveal an insight into the Heaven with God our Father and the Truth of the Lord God, Jesus, and explain the differences between Adam and the Power associated with obedience that is ONLY granted by the Lord God Jesus. I encourage the reader to read and research the bible alongside for the truthfulness of Jesus Our Lord God and Savior! As scripture reveals hidden secrets and mysteries of the Bible that may have been ignored unintentionally or not, as we enter the gates of the True Heaven.

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