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The Most Popular Muslim Urdu Books for Islamic Children's Books

Islamic literature in Urdu has a rich history that spans several centuries, Islamic Children's books are an important genre in this field. Here are some of the most popular Muslim Urdu books for Islamic Children's books:

  1. "Qasas-ul-Anbiya" : This book is a collection of stories about the Prophets of Islam and is considered one of the most popular books of Islamic Children's books in Urdu. It is written in simple language and is easy for children to understand.

  2. "The Islamic Children's series": This series is a collection of Islamic Children's books written by various Urdu authors, it covers a wide range of topics such as Islamic history, moral values, and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad.

  3. "The Islamic picture books": These books are designed for younger children, they contain colorful illustrations, simple text, and cover Islamic themes such as the Five Pillars of Islam, the Prophet's stories, and moral values.

  4. "Islamic activity books": These books are designed for children to learn about Islam in an interactive way, it includes puzzles, coloring pages, and other activities that help children understand and retain the information.

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