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The investigation and Trial of Michael Jackson lasted from November 2003 to June 2005. Leading up to the trial was jury selection. A man named Jeffrey Welbaum was selected as a juror, more specifically an alternate juror. Jeffrey is a controversial juror due to the fact his mother in-law worked at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch and he was still selected as a juror. Jeffrey was able to keep his notebooks after the trial since he was an alternate juror. There were only several alternate jurors that had notebooks that fully documented the trial. This book is one of them which is a summary or shortened version of the trial that documents what Jeffrey found meaningful from trial testimony documented witness by witness.

In 2006, Vincent Amen purchased the notebooks from Jeffrey Welbaum and later the rights to publish them as a book. There is a great value to the notebooks with positive implications. What does a juror note from Trial testimony to ultimately render a verdict? This question may have never been explored before prior to publishing these notebooks. For prosecutors and defense attorneys alike, these notebooks can be helpful in determining how to try cases. Based on all evidence shown and witness testimony, what a jury finds meaningful to note can provide a means to being more effective in organizing and trying a case. Enjoy reading the notebooks and based on what is documented, try to come to your own conclusion or verdict.




Juror Notebook 1


Juror Notebook 2


Juror Notebook 3


Juror Notebook 4


Juror Notebook 5


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Juror Notebook 1

Chapter 1

2-28-05 Monday

False Imprisonment Child Abduction

Feb 4 2003

Death Threats

Count 2 – Felony

Lewd Act upon a child under 14

Count 3 – Felony

Feb 20 March 12 2003

Count 4 – Felony

Lewd act upon child under 14 Feb 20-Mar 12 2003

Count 5 – Felony

Feb 20 – Mar 12 2003

Lewd act upon child under 14

Count 6 – Felony

Attempt to commit lewd act upon child under 14 Feb 20-Mar 12

Count 7 – Felony

Adm Intoxicating agent Feb 20- Mar 12 2003

Count 8 – Felony

Adm Intoxicating agent

Feb 20 – Mar 12 2003

Count 9 – Felony

Adm Intoxicating agent Feb 20-Mar 12 2003

Count 10 – Felony Adm Intoxicating agent Feb 20-Mar 12 2003

March 1st

1st Witness – Martin Bashir

2002 – ITV

1hr – Harold Shipman Serial Killer 1995 Princess Diana 1:45 Minutes

2002 – Jan 14 2003 Shown Feb 3 In G.B. Current Affairs Team

Program Tonight

Yes knew videographer was there MJ says

Wasn’t allowed to call his dad daddy. Hated his dad for the abuse. Physical and mental.

Says he had a relationship with the 3rd child’s mother but later in the documentary says she's a surrogate and didn’t really know her.

Didn’t want to answer Drank lots of water Seemed Nervous


3 complaints

1 upheld

Description of story not giving entirety to one party Teen prodigy

Math genius

Sept 1 2004

ABC Correspondent

Subpoena Jan 2005

Won’t answer if he told any journalist he was a witness

Won’t answer under shield law

2004 Phone Conversation Det Paul Zellis

Witness #2 Ann Marie Kite (Gabriel)

D Legrand met 2002

Personal Relationship July 2002 – Jan 2003

Worked for Michael Jackson End Jan-2003

Public Relations (Feb 9 2003 Feb 14 ) Signed contract 3:00-4:00 PM

Ronald Konitzer – Leader of team Schaffel – Head of PR

Backerman – Spokesperson

March 2nd

Says Bashir Documentary was a disaster Scale 1-10 She says ( 25 )

Melanie Riley Belliard Crisis management Richard

Mark Geragos – Feb 7 Part of Team

Schaffel became problem negative image Al Malnik also a problem

Rebuttal on FOX

Schaffel would have creative interest.

Debbie Rowe - Could get her to say whatever he wanted her to say

E-mail Feb 14

R. Konitzer

Feb 10 – Take out MJJ Inc and put in Gabriel Media on Appearance release form

Feb 13 – Schaffel called her to tell her Janet had taken kids off ranch.

Second Call – Schaffel called Situation had been contained

They had been brought (Arvizo’s) back to ranch

LeGrand couldn’t discuss it at time. Schaffel said the situation was taken care of.

Feb 15 – Terminated

Feb 14 – Statement on TV Access Hollywood. Interview cancelled for call from Geragos Geragos wanted her to sign agreement, Private Investigator Confidentiality

Mar 2

Call with LeGrand 10 days after termination. Had Janet Arvizo on tape, make her look like a crack whore

Cross Exam Mrs. Kite

Worked with Webcaster Alliance during same 6 day period

Met with Santa Barbara Sheriffs

March 2004

Didn’t tell anybody on the team about her dating Legrand. Stopped dating just before getting hired Music labels opposed Webcasters

Conflict on interests?

Only represented 1 other so called celebrity Never met anyone from “Team” other than Legrand.

Phone Calls – Over 50 to Legrand 5-7 to Backerman

Meeting for 2 hours with prosecution

She has talked to Geragos since being terminated. Never talked to Dieter Wiesner

Learned about the power of attorney for Mr. Konitzer for Michael Jackson at the end of January. Konitzer embezzled $980,000 from Jackson.

Discussed about what to do if the story sold in the UK.

Schaffel wanted her to appear on Access Hollywood.

Konitzer and Wiesner had business dealings Sony may have wanted catalog back Firemountain Corp getting 3 million for rebuttal video.

She went to work for Legrand after termination LeGrand afraid of Mr. Branca

LeGrand referred to AL Malnik as uncle AL Met Jermain Jackson Apr 2003

March 2

She believed the team was detrimental to Michael Jackson. Met with Jermain Jackson 6 weeks after termination. Her work with Legrand ended in April. Her and Legrand are no longer friends.

Backerman says he was an official spokesperson for Michael Jackson while and before he was living with Schaffel . She has no knowledge of any molestation or anything about Janet Arvizo.

Schaffel trying to make NBC Look bad. Geragos okayed press release. Konitzer wanted a website MJJ Invincible. LeGrand told Michael Jackson about the problems. Fire Mountain set up by Legrand.

March 12 2003

Power of attorney revoked from Konitzer. Schaffel was a gay Pornography Producer. Al Malnik may have been a mobster.

3rd Witness Albert Lafferty

Deputy Sheriff 18 years. Shoot video and photos of the main residence of Michael Jackson’s home.

March 2 2004

Aerial Photos for building identification March 3rd

Arrived at Ranch Nov 18, 2003 9:07 am. Started Video – 9:55 am. After Search Video 8:40 pm. Michael Jackson Bedroom Search 10:38 pm to 10:55 pm

Keypad locks on all children’s rooms and Jackson’s bedroom

March 3

Did not shoot the first part of the video. 7 forensic specialists. 1 hr Video Pre Search. May 20, 04 Pickup evidence in briefcase 317 . You can see the train station clock from the main house and the guest house.

4th Witness Davellin Arvizo 18 years

Hollywood High 2 years. 5 people living in an apartment. Comedians at camp at Laugh Factory comedy club. Fritz Coleman, George Lopez. Gavin wanted to meet, she says, Chris Tucker, Adam Sandler and she says Mr. Jackson. First went to Neverland in 2000. Parents argued dad threw soda can at her. Father was abusive to all family members she says. Gavin asked to sleep in Jackson’s Room. Went with Chris Tucker to Neverland 2 Times. Lived with grandmother during treatment for cancer. Room was made livable for Gavin and paid for by Louise Palanker. Parents separated sophomore year in high school. Father moved. Mom and Kids stayed at East LA Apartment. She was in Police Explorers. Michael Jackson gave them a white bronco. (She) has spent the night at Chris Tucker’s fiancé Azja house.

Mar 3

She says Gavin and MJ went and talked. MJ asked to talk to Gavin by himself 5-10 min. She says her mother is not with them very often. Met step-father Jay Jackson after Bashir filming. She says her mother taught her to hug people she first

meets. Flight to Miami private jet. Chris Tucker, her Mom, and her brothers, Pilot, Flight Attendant. Went to see MJ the next day. She says MJ introduced her to kids Marie Nicole and Aldo, siblings of Frank Tyson. Also met Dieter, Ronald, 2 nannies, MJ’s 3 children in the room when they first got there. She says MJ took Gavin into his

room by themselves for 15-30 min. She says 2 or 3 times, doors closed every time. She says MJ told them not to watch Bashir's documentary. She says Dieter and MJ would go in the room 2-3

times. Same with Ronald. Frank 1 time she thinks. They all left that night together, mother and her brothers. She lived with her grandparents her senior year in high school. She says Gavin was sipping a Diet Coke can and were whispering to each other. She says Michael Jackson, gave Gavin his watch and a jacket. She says Gavin used his phone once to call a friend.

March 3rd

Her sophomore year after a year of treatment, Gavin was in remission. She says Ronald and Dieter were at the Neverland Ranch 2 day after they

arrived. She says they were given a “script” for the Rebuttal video. She didn’t remember leaving with Security until he reminded her. She says her mother never came out of her guest room. She says her mother seemed scared. Her mother asked (Security) Jesus to take her and her kids home. Went to Grandmother’s. She says her mother seemed upset after being visited in the guesthouse by Dieter and Ronald. She says the family was interviewed by Brad Miller at her step-dads apartment. She says tape was stopped and started and told by Brad Miller some things were not important. She says that Frank had told them there were death threats on them. She says they were told to say nice things and not to say what goes on at Ranch. Rebuttal there till 4 am she says. She says MJ didn’t help with homework. They didn’t have his phone number. She considered him a close friend not daddy but it changed for the worse.

March 3rd

She says they met with social workers the next day after the Rebuttal video. Azja, Mj bodyguard and her family. Social workers asked everybody except the family to leave. She says the bodyguard talked to the mother in the room. She saw a box on the bed and the mother put it in the closet. They were taken back to ranch by Aja instead of MJ bodyguard because they asked her to. She says because they were scared. She met Vinnie at the ranch. She met Jesus at a ranch. She met Brad Miller at Jay Jackson’s, her stepdad. Stayed with family in Calabasas. She says Frank and Vinnie were in a room close by and MJ's bodyguard was in the lobby. She says they were told to stay in the room and Frank and Vinnie would get what they

needed. She saw her brothers drink once. The entrance to the wine cellar was behind the jukebox in the game room. She says she saw MJ, Gavin, Star and Aldo. She says she was offered and drank wine also. She says she was in his bedroom once at the ranch. She followed her brothers into the room because she did not have code. She says she saw bottles that she assumed were alcohol.

March 3rd

She says bottles (alcohol) were on the night stands and other parts of the room. She says she left the room by herself. She also said maybe MJ’s son was in the room also.

While in Calabasas, Vinnie and Ahmed took them shopping and to get passports to go to Brazil because Frank had told them once and Dieter had told them they had death threats. Trip to Laugh Factory mother and Gavin went in first. Then she went in and Starr stayed in the car with

Vinnie. Spent 30 min inside with Bill, Jaimie, Gavin and mom. She says she did not sign the document for the passport. She says Vinnie filled out the document. She also says Vinnie filled out both forms from information from his mother. She says they spent 3 or 4 days at Calabasas Inn in 2 different rooms. 1 Room had 1 more bed. Went back to Neverland. Went to Toys R Us with Frank, MJ, Gavin, Starr, (Chris) Bodyguard and picked up some fans. Gavin has to give urine in a big bottle with really (Snug top). She says her relationship changed with her brother Gavin. She says she became distant and didn’t want to be around anybody.

March 4

Watching Rebuttal Video Gavin asked to sleep in the room. The mom seems to me to be on something. Janet says she had to make sure they were safe. But she didn’t seem like she was with them a lot. He refers back to 1993. Gavin, when he was (3), that he heard stuff about MJ, but didn’t listen to it? Janet talks about being poor and how MJ ended all that. When they didn’t know if the camera was on, they seemed playful and Gavin says he doesn’t like Martin Bashir. Janet says they had full access to Mj 24 hrs a day. They talked about MJ like he is their real father and Janet talks about him like she loves him. Janet seemed to cut off her kids a lot, couldn’t wait to reply. Davellin says she or her mother never saw Bashir Documentary. She has a conversation before the rebuttal video with Frank and Dieter about death threats. She says Frank called her mom a bitch and was being difficult after the rebuttal video. She said faggot yesterday but wouldn’t say bitch today? She says she was videotaped and the same person threw rocks at her grandmother’s house. She says she saw MJ hugging and kissing Gavin on the cheek and head in his bedroom one time, then laying together, and MJ hugging and kissing him on the cheek she thought that was inappropriate.

March 4

Cross Examination of Davellin Arvizo

Vinnie drove them after the Rebuttal video to Jay Jackson’s home. She seems not to remember a lot of things on cross but it seems she remembered more on direct. Det Robel’s wife picked her up for meetings with Sneddon. Talks to her family everyday but she says they never talked about testimony. She says she never had attorneys or her family has never had attorneys. She told the Dr at Hospital she was told not to say anything by the attorney. Witness seems emotional and agitated. She’s been to Neverland about 5 times? She says her mom was told by Dieter to hold hands with Gavin, like in the Bashir Documentary. Chris Tucker – Close Friend, Fritz Coleman – Close Friend, Kobe Bryant – not close friend. She says Louise gave them $10,000 but Mesereau says 2 checks for $10,000. She says her father asked for money and the mother would get mad at him. She says she’s never discussed anything with

anybody? She does not want to see the social worker report at all?!!! She says she would lie about some things during social worker meetings.

Mar 4

She says mother never asked the newspaper for anything. Once again, she says they have never discussed anything. Stayed with Carol Lemure she says 1 week at a time. She says she never complained about her mother at all to anyone. She says Carol Lemure was making faces at her and mother during testimony about abuse. She said Gavin never made allegations of molestation against parents or anybody. She says they were abused multiple times of day by their father. She never told police her father molested her. She found out, she says, from her mother and father arguing. Gavin,

Starr, David and mother involved in JC Penney suit. Gavin’s treatments for cancer cost $12,000 each. She says LAPD didn’t raise money, just donated a Christmas Tree. Doesn’t know anything about Chris Tucker giving mother $2,000.00 or Fritz Coleman giving anything or having fundraisers. She says the car was given for Gavin. Close with Chris Tucker, went to a house, Raider game, brother’s wedding. Spent night at Chris Tucker's girlfriend. She says they spent a couple of days in Miami. Couldn’t describe Mj Kids rooms but she did describe Mj

bedroom? Gavin got in a lot of trouble in school. Disruptive.

Mar 4

For such a close knit family, she says they sure don’t talk about too many things about each

other. Aldo, Marie Nicole, Starr would switch seats on plane from Miami. Mother gave all credit to God for Gavin’s recovery on tape. She also said MJ. After they got back from Miami, went to Neverland 3 times maybe. Never told social workers. Mother never tried to call the police at Jay Jackson’s house. Never discussed mother's testimony in pre-trial hearing. She never used a computer a Mj but She did at Carol Lemure. Mj gave Gavin a computer. Asked July 2003 how she knew it was wine. She did not tell police Mj poured wine. She says she doesn't like Rio or Simone. She says she doesn’t remember ever going anywhere at the Ranch with her mother except the first

visit. Vinnie took them to her grandmother’s house after the Brazil Incident. Overall the Arvizos had plenty of opportunity to tell people they were being restrained against their will. She says her dad, David, says he has a brother that can have people killed. She says Gavin had a trust fund, doesn’t know who set it up.

Mar 4

She says George Lopez was close to the family and father David ruined the relationship. She knows Bret Ratner, director of Rush Hour 2. Gavin did talk and play with Bret Ratner. Gavin shot his sister and mother with BB Gun. She says that Gavin and Starr were always with Michael.

March 7

Last week she said she wasn’t present for any deposition for the JC Penney case but she was present at Gavin’s and Starr’s. Mj rushes out for a supposed bathroom break with brother and Messereau and bodyguard. Assistant DA says this is not a bathroom break. She told the Sheriffs she had been in the wine cellar many times but here she says she’s only been there once. She says she hung out with her brothers when Mj wasn’t there, but she says they didn’t hang out at all together, if he

was. Brad Miller Tape 9:47 am Feb 16, 2003 for Geragos. Starr 12, Gavin 13, Davellin 16. (David) Husband arrested for domestic violence Oct

2001. Mother says. Starr has a cyst on his brain. Restraining order was for 5 years. She

remembers all of his (David) vital information SS#, DL#, DOB, etc…

March 7

Michael Jackson and her danced on their 1st visit with David. On tape they say David was at Neverland more than 10. Neverland happiest place on earth Starr says on tape. On tape they all say Mj never acted inappropriately. (Davellin on the witness stand during the playing of tape shows no emotion, is not looking at anybody) Says father, David, did a lot of drugs and was very abusive on the tape. Janet says no amount of money would make them sell a story. Interview ends at 10:25 pm. She says she met with Bill Dickerman once. Met with attorney Larry Feldman after meeting with Dickerman. She says she met with Feldman once. She says she did not drink on the plane.

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