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The Importance of Revision in Narrative Nonfiction

Revision is an important step in the process of writing narrative nonfiction, also known as creative nonfiction. This genre combines the storytelling techniques of fiction with the factual accuracy of nonfiction to tell real-life stories, and revision is essential for ensuring that the story is clear, engaging, and accurate. Here are some ways in which revision is important in narrative nonfiction:

  1. Improving clarity: Revision allows the author to improve the clarity of the story by identifying and addressing any confusion or ambiguity in the narrative. This can help to make the story more accessible and easier to follow for the reader.

  2. Enhancing storytelling: Revision also allows the author to enhance the storytelling by adding descriptive language, building tension, and creating a sense of atmosphere. This can help to make the story more engaging and immersive for the reader.

  3. Ensuring accuracy: Revision is essential for ensuring the accuracy of the facts and information presented in the story. By revisiting sources and double-checking facts, the author can ensure that the story is reliable and credible.

  4. Addressing ethical considerations: Revision allows the author to address any ethical considerations in the story, such as protecting the privacy of individuals and ensuring that sensitive information is handled responsibly.

  5. Polishing the writing: Revision also allows the author to polish the writing, by addressing grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure issues. This can help to make the story more polished and professional.

It's important to note that revision is an ongoing process, and it should be done multiple times throughout the writing process. Every time the author reads through the manuscript, they should be looking for ways to improve the story, whether it's by adding detail, cutting unnecessary information, or rearranging the structure. It's also important to get feedback from beta readers, editors or writing groups, as they can give a fresh perspective and help to identify areas that need improvement.

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