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The Best Photography Book Publishers in the UK

Here is a list of some of the best photography book publishers in the UK:

  1. Hoxton Mini Press - Specializing in photography books of London and the surrounding areas.

  2. Mack Books - Known for their high-quality art and photography books.

  3. Chris Boot Ltd. - Publishes photography books and exhibition catalogs, representing many internationally renowned photographers.

  4. Thames & Hudson - Publishes a wide variety of books on art, design, and photography.

  5. The Photographers' Gallery - Not only a gallery space, but also a publisher of photography books.

  6. The Velvet Cell - Specializes in self-published and limited edition photography books.

  7. Stanley Barker - Publishers of photography books, focusing on contemporary and historical photographers.

  8. The Royal Photographic Society - Publishes books on photography and photographic history.

  9. Dewi Lewis Publishing - Publishes photography books, as well as books on art and design.

  10. The British Journal of Photography - Not just a magazine, but also a publisher of photography books.

Please note that this list is not ranked in any particular order and there are many other great photography book publishers in the UK.

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