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The Bell Lomax Moreton Agency

The Bell Lomax Moreton Agency (BLM) is a literary agency based in London, UK. Founded in 1999, the agency represents a diverse group of authors and illustrators of fiction and nonfiction for adults, young adults and children. They work with a wide range of genres, including literary fiction, commercial fiction, fantasy, science fiction, mystery, thrillers, biography, memoir, history, science, and more.

The agents at BLM work closely with their clients to help them develop their ideas, refine their craft, and navigate the publishing industry. They also help their clients to negotiate contracts and manage their careers. BLM has a reputation for its personalized and dedicated approach to representing its clients, and for its ability to secure top publishing deals for its clients' work.

In addition to representing authors and illustrators, the agency also represents film, television and audio rights for their clients' work. The agency has a strong reputation in the industry and has had many successful book deals with major publishers in UK and internationally. BLM is also known for its strong relationships with foreign publishers and agents, which allows them to place their clients' work with the best publishers and agents for their specific project worldwide.

The Bell Lomax Moreton Agency is committed to helping its clients achieve their goals and build long-term careers as writers and illustrators. It is considered as one of the most respected and well-connected agencies in the UK publishing industry.

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