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Paganism and Christianity in Egypt by Roger S. Bagnall

"Paganism and Christianity in Egypt" is a book written by Roger S. Bagnall, a historian and Egyptologist. The book explores the ways in which the two religions interacted and coexisted in Egypt during the first few centuries AD.

The book focuses on the specific context of Egypt, which was a diverse and multicultural society with a long history of religious practices and beliefs. Bagnall examines the ways in which Christianity was able to gain a foothold in Egypt and how it interacted with the existing pagan religious practices and beliefs. He looks at the ways in which the two religions coexisted, and how they influenced the cultural and social development of Egypt.

Bagnall also examines the question of how Christianity was able to gain such a dominant position in Egypt during this period, and suggests that the religion was able to adapt to the existing cultural and social context, as well as to appeal to a wide range of people. He also notes that the support of the Roman state and the ruling elite, as well as the appeal of Christian teachings and practices to lower classes, were also important factors in the rise of Christianity in Egypt.

"Paganism and Christianity in Egypt" is considered a valuable work in the field of religious history and Egyptology, and is widely read by scholars and students interested in the history of Christianity and the ancient world.

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