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Original Screenplay Books: How to Find and Adapt to Specific Subgenres

Finding original screenplay books within specific subgenres can be a bit of a challenge, but there are a few ways to find and adapt to them. Here are some tips:

  1. Research subgenre-specific award winners: Many screenplay awards, such as the Academy Awards or the Writer's Guild of America Awards, have specific categories for subgenres like Best Original Screenplay - Comedy or Best Adapted Screenplay - Horror. You can find a list of past winners and nominees in these categories, which can give you a starting point for your search.

  2. Look for subgenre-specific publisher: Many publishers specialize in specific subgenres, such as horror or comedy. You can check out their catalogs and upcoming releases to see if they have any titles that fit within the subgenre you're looking for.

  3. Check out online script libraries: There are online script libraries, like the Internet Movie Script Database (IMSDb) or SimplyScripts, which have a vast collection of screenplays available for free, you can search them by subgenres, year, and writer.

  4. Ask for recommendations: Ask friends, family, or booksellers for recommendations. They may be able to point you towards a screenplay book that fits within the subgenre you're looking for.

  5. Look for diverse and underrepresented voices: Many subgenres, especially in Hollywood, are dominated by a specific group of people, and it's important to look for diverse and underrepresented voices in order to get a wider perspective of the genre.

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