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Original Screenplay Books: An Introduction to the Genre

Original screenplay books, also known as script books, are a relatively new genre that combines the written word with the visual medium of film or television. These books consist of the written script of a film or TV show, often accompanied by additional material such as production art, storyboards, and behind-the-scenes commentary. Here are a few key points about the genre of original screenplay books:

  1. They offer a unique insight into the creative process: Original screenplay books offer a glimpse into the creative process behind a film or TV show. They provide a detailed look at the script, character development, and story structure.

  2. They can be educational: Original screenplay books can be used as educational tools for aspiring screenwriters, filmmakers, and television writers. They can provide insight into the craft of screenwriting and the process of turning a script into a finished film or TV show.

  3. They are a great way to experience a film or TV show in a new way: Original screenplay books offer a new way to experience a film or TV show. They allow readers to see the script come to life in their imagination, and to understand the choices made by the writer and the filmmakers in the adaptation.

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