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Original Graphic Novels: An Introduction to the Genre

An original graphic novel (OGN) is a self-contained story that is presented in comic book format, but unlike traditional comic books, it is not serialized and is published as a complete work. This genre has become increasingly popular in recent years, as it allows for more complex and mature storytelling, as well as the opportunity for creators to tell a complete story without the constraints of a traditional comic book series.

OGNs often cover a wide range of genres, including science fiction, fantasy, drama, and even non-fiction. They can be illustrated in a variety of styles, from traditional comic book art to more experimental or avant-garde styles.

One of the key differences between an OGN and a traditional comic book is that an OGN is typically created by a single writer and artist, or by a small creative team, whereas a traditional comic book is often produced by a large team of writers, artists, and editors. This allows for a more cohesive and personal vision, as the creators have complete control over the story and the way it is presented.

OGNs are also often published in hardcover or trade paperback format, which gives them a more substantial and serious feel, and makes them more appealing to bookstores and libraries.

The rise of digital comics and online platforms has made it easier for creators to self-publish and distribute their work, and many OGNs are now being created independently. This has led to a wider range of voices and styles being represented in the genre, and has allowed for more diverse and inclusive stories to be told.

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