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Narrative Publishing: How to Create Suspense and Tension

Character development is a crucial aspect of narrative publishing as it allows readers or viewers to connect with and understand the characters in a story. It also helps to create a believable and engaging plot. A well-developed character should have a clear motivation, goals, and conflicts, as well as a distinct personality and voice.

In literature, character development is often achieved through the use of descriptive language and introspection. In visual mediums like film or video games, it's through the use of dialogue, actions, and visual cues.

The process of character development can also add depth and complexity to a story, making it more relatable to readers or viewers. It can also make the story more memorable, as readers or viewers will have a stronger emotional connection to the characters.

In summary, character development is an essential element in narrative publishing as it helps create relatable and engaging characters, and it can also help to enhance the overall story.

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