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Mastering EU Competition Law: A Practical Guide

Mastering EU Competition Law: A Practical Guide is a book that aims to provide a comprehensive and practical understanding of EU competition law. This book would likely cover topics such as the basic principles of EU competition law, the role of the European Commission and national competition authorities, and the procedures and enforcement of EU competition law.

The book would likely explain the EU competition law rules which prohibit anti-competitive agreements and abuse of a dominant market position by companies, as well as the merger control rules which regulate the concentration of companies. It would also discuss the different types of investigations and enforcement actions that can be taken by the European Commission and national competition authorities, as well as the rights and obligations of companies under EU competition law.

Additionally, the book could provide practical guidance and examples on how to comply with EU competition law, including best practices for companies to avoid potential breaches and how to respond to investigations and enforcement actions.

It could be a valuable resource for lawyers, in-house counsel, business executives, and anyone else interested in understanding EU competition law and its practical application. The book would likely be useful for professionals operating in EU or in companies that have commercial activities in the EU and want to avoid any potential violation of the EU competition law.

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