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Kenyan Fiction Publishers Empowering Emerging Writers

Kenya has a vibrant and diverse publishing industry, with a number of fiction publishers dedicated to supporting and promoting emerging writers. Some of the most notable publishers in this category include:

  1. Kwani Trust: This non-profit organization focuses on publishing new and emerging writers from Kenya and the East African region. They have published several award-winning books, including "The First Third" by Will Kostakis and "Wife of the Gods" by Kwei Quartey. They also run workshops and training programs to help writers develop their craft.

  2. Storymoja: This publisher focuses on children's books and young adult fiction, and runs an annual writing competition to discover new talent. They also host workshops and events to encourage young people to read and write.

  3. The Writivism Initiative: This organization runs an annual literary festival and workshop, as well as a mentorship program to support emerging writers in East Africa.

  4. African Writers Trust: This non-profit organization aims to promote and support African writers, and runs a number of programs to help writers develop their skills, including mentorship and workshops.

  5. Jalada Africa: This collective of writers, artists, and translators is committed to promoting African literature and creative expression. They have published several anthologies of fiction by emerging writers, and run writing workshops and other literary events.

These publishers are doing great work in empowering and promoting emerging writers in Kenya, by providing opportunities for them to showcase their work, as well as training and mentoring to help them develop their craft. Many of these publishers also accept unsolicited submissions from writers, which can be a great way for emerging writers to get their work published.

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