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Kenyan Fiction Publishers: A Look at the Industry Today

The fiction publishing industry in Kenya has come a long way in recent years, with a growing number of publishers producing high-quality books by Kenyan authors. Today, the industry is thriving and has a lot to offer readers and writers alike.

One of the most notable publishers in the industry is Kwani Trust, which was established in 2003. This non-profit organization focuses on publishing new and emerging writers from Kenya and the East African region. They have published several award-winning books, including "The First Third" by Will Kostakis and "Wife of the Gods" by Kwei Quartey.

East African Educational Publishers is another major player in the industry, being one of the largest educational publishers in East Africa, and also publishes fiction books for both adults and children. They have a wide range of titles, and have published many best-selling books.

StoryNation is a new publisher that was founded in 2020, and focuses on publishing fiction and non-fiction books by Kenyan authors. They have already published several books, including "The Last Villains" by George Gachara, and "The Lost Children" by Faridah Nassozi. They are gaining recognition for their efforts in promoting and empowering new writers.

In addition to these publishers, there are many new and emerging publishers in Kenya that are worth keeping an eye on, such as Nairobi Writing Studio, The Bantu Press and Mabati-Cornell Kiswahili Prize for African Literature. These publishers are at the forefront of the Kenyan publishing industry, producing high-quality books and promoting new and emerging writers.

In recent years, the industry has also seen the rise of self-publishing, either through online platforms such as Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing or by working with print-on-demand services such as CreateSpace. This trend is expected to continue and open up new opportunities for writers to get their work published.

Overall, the fiction publishing industry in Kenya is diverse and dynamic, with a variety of publishers producing high-quality books by Kenyan authors. With new and emerging publishers entering the scene, the industry is constantly evolving and offers a lot to readers and writers alike.

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