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Karadi Tales

Karadi Tales is a children's book publisher based in India. Founded in 2000, the company publishes a wide range of children's books, including fiction, non-fiction, literature, and reference books in various Indian languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, and English. They are known for their high-quality children's books that feature stories and characters from India, and for their use of colorful illustrations and interactive elements to make reading fun and engaging for children. They have a wide range of titles including local authors and books and have been instrumental in bringing many international bestsellers to the Indian market.

Karadi Tales is committed to producing books that are culturally relevant and that meet the needs of Indian children and educators. They have a strong reputation for producing resources that are biblically sound, helpful and accessible to readers of all ages and backgrounds. They also have a strong online presence and they have a website where they post articles, reviews and interviews with authors. They also have an extensive audio library, which includes stories, songs, and rhymes in various Indian languages. They also have a range of products such as storytelling kits, activity books, and teacher's resource kits which are designed to encourage children to read and learn. They are considered as one of the leading publishers of children's books in India, and are known for their commitment to promoting multilingualism and cultural diversity in Indian children's literature.

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