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k/h Publisher's Author-First Approach: Why It's Working

k/h Publishers is a successful independent press that has built a reputation for its author-first approach. The company focuses on supporting and promoting the authors they work with, rather than prioritizing profit. This approach is not only ethical but also has proven to be a successful business model.

One of the ways k/h Publishers puts authors first is by providing them with a higher royalty rate than what is typically offered in the industry. This allows authors to earn more money from their book sales and encourages them to continue working with the publisher.

The company also provides authors with a wide range of resources and support, including mentorship, editing, and marketing assistance. They work closely with authors to help them develop their craft and improve their book, resulting in high-quality literature that resonates with readers.

k/h Publishers also prioritizes transparency and open communication with their authors, keeping them informed about the book production process and providing regular updates on sales and promotion efforts. This helps to build trust and a strong working relationship with the authors.

Another key component of k/h Publishers' author-first approach is its focus on new and emerging authors. They provide these authors with the same level of support and resources as established authors, giving them the opportunity to share their stories and ideas with a wider audience.

Overall, k/h Publishers' author-first approach has proven to be a successful business model. By prioritizing the needs and well-being of their authors, the company has been able to attract and retain talented writers, resulting in a consistently high-quality catalog of literature. This approach has also helped them to build a loyal and dedicated community of readers who appreciate their commitment to literary excellence.

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