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k/h Publisher: A Guide to their Notable Books and authors

In case you are planning to write an article about an independent publisher, there are several notable independent publishers and authors out there. Some well-known independent publishers include:

  • Graywolf Press

  • Coffee House Press

  • McSweeney's

  • Wave Books

These publishers focus on literary fiction, poetry, and nonfiction.

As for notable authors, there are many successful independent authors who have self-published their work, such as:

  • Amanda Hocking, who self-published her "Trylle Trilogy" of young adult novels and sold over 2 million copies

  • E.L. James, who self-published "Fifty Shades of Grey" as an e-book before it was picked up by a traditional publisher

  • John Grisham, who self-published his first novel "A Time to Kill" before it was picked up by a traditional publisher and became a bestseller

These examples show that independent publishing can be a viable option for authors to get their work out into the world and find success.

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