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Jesus, the Messiah: A Rose Publishing Study

The title "Messiah" is a Hebrew word that is translated as "Anointed One" in English. In the Old Testament, the term "Messiah" is used to refer to a future leader who would bring salvation and deliverance to the people of Israel. In the New Testament, this term is applied to Jesus Christ, who is seen as the ultimate fulfillment of these Old Testament prophecies. Here are some key aspects of Jesus as the Messiah, as understood by Christian theology:

  1. Jesus is the promised savior: The Old Testament contains many prophecies of a coming savior who would bring deliverance and salvation to God's people. Jesus is seen as the fulfillment of these prophecies, as the one who brings salvation through his death and resurrection.

  2. Jesus is the king of Israel: The Messiah is also expected to be a king who would rule over Israel and establish God's kingdom on earth. Jesus is seen as the ultimate king who brings about the kingdom of God through his teachings and actions.

  3. Jesus is the son of God: The Messiah is also expected to have a special relationship with God as His chosen one. Jesus is seen as the son of God and the one who fully reveals the nature and character of God.

  4. Jesus is the Christ: The Messiah is also the Christ, the anointed one of God, who has been set apart for a specific purpose. Jesus is seen as the Christ, who has been anointed by the Holy Spirit for the purpose of salvation and redemption for humanity.

  5. Jesus' Death and resurrection: The Messiah is expected to suffer and die for the sins of his people, and to rise again on the third day. Jesus' death and resurrection is seen as the ultimate sacrifice that brings salvation and redemption to humanity.

It's important to note that the concept of Messiahship is central to Christian theology, and understanding Jesus as the Messiah is crucial to understanding the main message of Christianity. This understanding comes from a close reading of the Bible, and the study of Jesus' life, teachings and mission.

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