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Intercourse by Andrea Dworkin

"Intercourse" is a controversial work of feminist theory written by Andrea Dworkin in 1987. The book is a critical examination of the ways in which heterosexual intercourse is constructed and the ways in which it reinforces patriarchal power dynamics.

Dworkin argues that heterosexual intercourse is inherently coercive and that it is used to maintain patriarchal power structures. She contends that the sexual act is not a neutral act, but rather one that is steeped in power dynamics and that reinforces the subjugation of women.

The book is notable for its critique of traditional feminist theories which argue that sexuality can be liberating and empowering for women. Dworkin argues that this view is misguided and that sexuality is used as a tool of oppression against women.

Intercourse has been a controversial book, with many critics arguing that Dworkin's views are overly simplistic and fail to take into account the complexity of sexual relationships. Dworkin's arguments have been widely debated and have been both celebrated and criticized by scholars and feminists alike.

The book's impact is far-reaching, and it continues to inspire new debates and discussions in various fields such as feminist theory, gender studies, and sexuality studies. It has helped to shape the conversation about the relationship between sexuality and power, and it has been influential in developing a feminist perspective on the sexual act.

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