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Inside the Praeger Publishing Company: A Look at Their Publishing Process

Praeger Publishing Company, now known as ABC-CLIO/Greenwood, is a publisher of reference books, academic journals, and primary source materials. The company has a specific process for acquiring, editing, and publishing its materials.

Acquisition: The acquisition process begins with the company's editors identifying areas of interest and potential authors. Praeger Publishing receives many unsolicited proposals, but they also actively seek out authors and projects through professional associations, conferences, and other networking opportunities. Once a proposal is received, it is evaluated by the relevant editor and a team of experts to determine its suitability for publication.

Editing: Once a proposal is accepted, the author works closely with an editor to develop the manuscript. The editor provides guidance on content and structure, and works with the author to ensure the manuscript meets Praeger Publishing's standards for quality and accuracy. The manuscript is also reviewed by outside experts in the field to ensure its scholarly rigor.

Production: After the manuscript is accepted, it goes through the production process, which includes copyediting, proofreading, design, and typesetting. Praeger Publishing also coordinates the book's cover design and jacket copy.

Marketing and Distribution: Once the book is printed, Praeger Publishing promotes it through various channels such as advertising, email campaigns, and social media. The company has a sales team that works with bookstores, libraries, and other distributors to ensure that the book is widely available. Praeger Publishing also makes its materials available in digital format, allowing for online access to its vast collections of primary sources and reference works.

Overall, Praeger Publishing's process is a combination of traditional publishing methods and digital technology. The company is well-known for its high standards for quality, accuracy, and scholarly rigor and is constantly adapting to the ever-changing publishing industry. Their focus on making their materials available in digital format and promoting their materials through various channels allows for a wider reach and access for researchers and students worldwide.

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