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Gollancz Fantasy: A Look at the Fantasy Catalog of Orion Publishing Group

Gollancz Fantasy is an imprint of Gollancz, which is a British publishing company that specializes in science fiction and fantasy literature. Gollancz is part of the Orion Publishing Group, one of the largest publishing companies in the United Kingdom. Gollancz Fantasy is known for its focus on epic and high fantasy novels, and has a reputation for publishing high-quality, well-edited books.

The company has a long history of publishing works by some of the most renowned authors in the genre, including J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and George R.R. Martin. Gollancz Fantasy is known for its iconic fantasy series, such as the "First Law Trilogy" by Joe Abercrombie and "The Kingkiller Chronicle" by Patrick Rothfuss. Gollancz Fantasy is also known for its commitment to promoting new voices and diverse perspectives in the genre.

Gollancz Fantasy has been recognized for its contributions to the fantasy genre, winning multiple awards such as the Hugo Award, the World Fantasy Award, and the British Fantasy Award. As part of the Orion Publishing Group, Gollancz Fantasy continues to be a leading publisher of fantasy literature and is considered a part of the company's strong fantasy catalog.

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