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Get a Taste of the Fantasy Genre with Australia's Subscription Service

There are several fantasy book subscription services available in Australia that can give you a taste of the fantasy genre:

  1. The Fantasy Hive: This service offers a monthly fantasy book subscription box that includes a new release fantasy novel, as well as book-themed items and other goodies. It gives you a chance to read the latest fantasy releases.

  2. The Fantasy Crate: This service delivers a monthly box of fantasy books, including both new releases and classic titles. It also includes book-themed items and other merchandise. This service is great for readers who want to explore both new and classic fantasy literature.

  3. The Book Drop: This service offers a monthly box of fantasy books, as well as a selection of other genres, including science fiction and horror. This service is perfect for readers who want to explore different genres and discover new fantasy authors.

  4. The Reading Room: A Monthly Subscription Service which delivers a handpicked book, along with a few other goodies. They pick books based on the reader's preferences and it's a great way to discover new fantasy authors.

  5. The Book Thingo: A monthly subscription service, which delivers a book and some reading related goodies to your doorstep. They have a wide range of books and it's great for readers who want to explore different fantasy sub-genres.

You may want to check the websites of these services to know more about the subscription plans and prices they offer, as well as the type of books they include in their boxes, before making a decision.

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