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Gefen Publishing: Jewish Fiction and Non-Fiction

Gefen Publishing is a Jewish publishing company that specializes in publishing Jewish fiction and non-fiction. The company's mission is to provide resources that explore the Jewish experience and tradition, both in fiction and non-fiction.

Gefen Publishing is known for its wide range of books and resources that explore the Jewish experience and tradition. These include fiction and non-fiction works that explore Jewish culture, history, and religion. The company also publishes works that explore the Jewish experience in Israel, as well as works that explore the intersection of Jewish culture and the Modern world.

The company's notable authors include Dvora Waysman, whose fiction explores the Jewish experience in Israel, and Rabbi David Aaron, whose non-fiction works explore Jewish spirituality and personal growth. Gefen also publishes works by Israeli authors such as Etgar Keret and David Grossman.

In addition to publishing books, Gefen Publishing also provides educational resources such as study guides, teacher's manuals, and online learning tools to help readers to better understand the texts and commentaries. Gefen also publishes works that explore Jewish history and the Holocaust, such as "The History of the Jewish People" by Rabbi Berel Wein and "The Holocaust: A History of the Jews of Europe During the Second World War" by Martin Gilbert.

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