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From Traditional to Experimental: New Children's Book Publishers to Explore

There are many new and innovative children's book publishers that are worth exploring. Some of these publishers focus on traditional stories and illustrations, while others are pushing the boundaries of what a children's book can be. Some examples of new and experimental children's book publishers include:

  • Tiny Owl Publishing, which specializes in publishing books from around the world, with a focus on diversity and inclusivity.

  • Enchanted Lion Books, which publishes picture books, illustrated novels, and other works that are visually stunning and thought-provoking.

  • Flying Eye Books, which focuses on publishing books that are both beautiful and educational, with a strong emphasis on illustration.

  • Nobrow Press, which is known for its innovative and beautifully designed books that often blur the lines between comics and picture books.

  • Toon Books, which publishes comics and graphic novels for early readers.

These publishers are just a small sample of the many new and exciting children's book publishers that are currently active. By exploring the work of these publishers, you can discover new and exciting children's books that are sure to delight and inspire young readers. Note : Above mentioned publishers are just examples, There are many more new and experimental children's book publishers that exist.

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