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Forever Yours

Forever Yours is an imprint of Grand Central Publishing, a division of Hachette Book Group, that specializes in publishing romance novels. The imprint was launched in 2019 and focuses on contemporary romance novels, including sub-genres such as romantic comedy, enemies-to-lovers, and second chance romance.

Forever Yours authors include both established and new writers in the romance genre, and the company is known for its strong focus on contemporary romance novels. The company has a reputation for publishing high-quality and innovative romance novels, with a particular emphasis on contemporary romance and romantic comedy.

Forever Yours' mission is to publish books that will leave readers swooning, laughing and falling in love. The company is committed to publishing a diverse range of voices and stories, reflecting the world's complexity and richness, and also focused on innovation and adapting to the changing landscape of the publishing industry, by embracing digital technologies and new formats, and reaching readers through various channels.

In addition to its traditional publishing operations, Forever Yours also provides services such as distribution, warehousing, and printing. It has a strong online presence and has embraced digital technologies, making its books available in various digital formats including e-books, audiobooks and interactive products.

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