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Finding Open Educational Resource Textbooks: Where to Look

Open Educational Resource (OER) textbooks are a cost-effective alternative to traditional textbooks. They are typically free to access and can be used by educators and students in a variety of ways, such as downloading, printing, and adapting them to suit their needs. Here are some of the best places to look for OER textbooks:

  1. OER Repositories: OER repositories such as OpenStax, Khan Academy, Saylor Academy, and LibreTexts offer a wide variety of OER textbooks that cover subjects such as biology, chemistry, physics, and history. They are peer-reviewed by experts and align with state and national standards.

  2. Educational Institutions: Many educational institutions, such as colleges and universities, have begun to adopt OER textbooks in their curriculum. Contact your institution's library or bookstore to see if they have any OER textbooks available.

  3. Government Initiatives: Some government initiatives, such as the Affordable Learning Solutions program in California, have begun to provide funding for OER textbook adoption. Check your state's department of education website to see if they have any OER initiatives.

  4. Online Platforms: Online platforms such as OER Commons and Merlot allow educators to search for and share OER materials, including textbooks. They have a wide variety of materials for different subjects and grade levels.

  5. Textbook Publishers: Some traditional textbook publishers, such as Cengage, have begun to offer OER versions of their textbooks. Check with your preferred publisher to see if they have any OER options available.

  6. Project Gutenberg: Project Gutenberg has over 60,000 e-books that are available for free download. It focuses mainly on classic literature and historical texts.

By using these resources, educators and students can access high-quality, peer-reviewed OER textbooks that can be used to supplement traditional classroom materials or as the primary textbook for a course. It is important to check the license and terms of use of each OER textbook as some may have limitations on how they can be used or modified.

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