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Fiction Publishers Pushing the Boundaries in Zimbabwe

Fiction publishers in Zimbabwe are pushing the boundaries and pushing the literary scene to new heights. They are playing an important role in promoting the works of local authors and providing a platform for new and diverse voices to be heard.

One publisher that is pushing the boundaries in the fiction market is Blackbird Books, founded in 2015 by Taurai Dzambukudza. The publisher is known for its focus on publishing works by marginalized voices and promoting diversity in literature. They have published works by authors from the LGBTQ+ community, women and other marginalized groups, which were previously underrepresented in the industry.

Another notable publisher is Amabooks, founded in 2018 by Memory Chirere. The publisher is focused on publishing works of fiction, poetry and non-fiction by Zimbabwean authors and providing a platform for emerging voices. They have published works of fiction in various genres, including contemporary fiction, fantasy, and science fiction, which showcase the range and diversity of Zimbabwean literature.

In addition to these established publishers, there are also a number of independent and self-publishing authors who are making a name for themselves in the fiction market. They are experimenting with new forms, styles and themes that are pushing the boundaries of traditional fiction and are providing a fresh perspective on the literary scene.

Overall, fiction publishers in Zimbabwe are playing a vital role in the literary scene by promoting new and diverse voices. They are pushing the boundaries and are providing a platform for authors to express themselves and reach a wider audience. This is helping to create a more inclusive and dynamic literary scene in the country.

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