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  • Muhammad Zain Rasheed

FBI Mystery Fiction for the Sleuth in all of us: A Reading List

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has been a popular subject in mystery fiction for many years, and many novels have been written that feature the FBI and its agents. If you're a fan of mystery fiction, and enjoy solving puzzles and uncovering secrets, there are many novels that feature the FBI that you may enjoy. In this guide, we will provide a reading list of FBI mystery novels that are perfect for the sleuth in all of us.

  1. "The Lincoln Rhyme series" by Jeffery Deaver - This series features quadriplegic detective Lincoln Rhyme and his able-bodied partner, Amelia Sachs, as they investigate a series of crimes. The series is known for its complex plots, as well as its attention to forensic detail, making it perfect for readers who enjoy solving puzzles and uncovering clues.

  2. "The Reversal" by Michael Connelly - The novel tells the story of defense attorney Mickey Haller who teams up with FBI agent Rachel Walling to investigate a case that has been closed for years. The novel is known for its complex plot and well-developed characters, and it allows readers to try and solve the case alongside the characters.

  3. "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown - This novel follows symbologist Robert Langdon as he teams up with cryptologist Sophie Neveu to uncover a secret society and a religious conspiracy. The novel is known for its fast-paced plot and well-researched historical and religious details, making it perfect for readers who enjoy solving puzzles and uncovering secrets.

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