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Fantasy Romance Publishers Pushing the Boundaries of the Genre

Fantasy romance is a genre that is constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries. Here are some fantasy romance publishers that are known for their commitment to publishing innovative and boundary-pushing stories:

  • Tor Books

  • DAW Books

  • Angry Robot

  • Gollancz

  • Orbit

  • Solaris

  • Rebellion

  • Saga Press

  • Angry Robot

  • Harper Voyager

These publishers are known for their commitment to publishing diverse voices, unique perspectives, and stories that challenge traditional fantasy romance conventions. They may offer a range of sub-genres such as speculative romance, science fantasy, and alternative history romance. They also often publish authors from underrepresented groups, including authors of color, LGBTQ+ authors, and authors with disabilities. It's worth keeping an eye on their catalogs for exciting new releases and submission guidelines if you're an author looking to break into the fantasy romance genre.

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