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Exporting a Book from Microsoft Publisher for Print or Digital Distribution

Exporting a book from Microsoft Publisher for print or digital distribution is a relatively straightforward process. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to export your book from Microsoft Publisher:

Step 1: Finalize your book: Before exporting your book, make sure that it is in its final form and that all the necessary changes have been made.

Step 2: Save a copy of your book: To ensure that you have a copy of your book in case anything goes wrong during the export process, save a copy of the file to your computer.

Step 3: Open the File menu: Go to the "File" tab at the top of the screen and select "Export."

Step 4: Choose the export format: Depending on whether you want to export your book for print or digital distribution, you will have different options. If you want to export for print, you can select "PDF" or "XPS." If you want to export for digital distribution, you can select "EPUB" or "MOBI."

Step 5: Set export options: Depending on the format you have chosen, you may have some options to set before exporting. For example, if you are exporting to PDF, you can choose to include or exclude certain elements, such as bookmarks, comments, and forms.

Step 6: Export the file: Once you have set the export options, click on "Export" to export your book file.

Step 7: Save the exported file: Save the exported file to your computer.

Step 8: Check the exported file: Before sending the file to a printer or distributing it digitally, check the exported file to make sure that it looks as you intended.

Keep in mind that exporting to PDF or XPS will give you a more professional-looking book but it will lose the ability to make changes or update the book. On the other hand, exporting to EPUB or MOBI will give you a book that can be read on most e-readers but the formatting might not be as good as the print version.

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