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Exploring the World of Science Fiction: How Many Books are Out There?

Science fiction is a popular and diverse genre, with thousands of books being published each year. The exact number of science fiction books published annually can vary depending on the source, but it is safe to say that there are a vast amount of books in the market.

According to Bowker, a provider of bibliographic information, over 1 million ISBNs (International Standard Book Numbers) were assigned to new books in the United States in 2019, with Science fiction being one of the most popular genre among them.

The Hugo Awards, one of the most prestigious awards in science fiction, has been given out since 1953 and has awarded over 400 novels and short stories, this number only includes the winners, and it doesn't reflect the thousands of other novels that were also published in the same time frame.

Online retailers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble have thousands of science fiction books available for purchase. This includes both traditional, commercially published books as well as self-published works.

Additionally, there are hundreds of science fiction anthologies and collections, which can include stories and novels from multiple authors. Many of these anthologies and collections are published annually, adding to the number of science fiction books available.

It is clear that the world of science fiction is vast and has a lot to offer, with new books and stories being added to the market on a regular basis. With such a diverse range of stories and authors, there is something for every reader to enjoy.

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