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EU Competition Law and Economics: A Primer

An article entitled "EU Competition Law and Economics: A Primer" would likely provide an overview of the basics of EU competition law and its economic underpinnings. The article would likely cover the following topics:

  • The goals of EU competition law, which are to promote competition and consumer welfare within the EU market.

  • The main antitrust regulations, such as the prohibition of agreements that restrict competition and the abuse of a dominant market position.

  • The role of economic analysis in EU competition law, which helps to identify anti-competitive practices and assess their impact on the market.

  • How economic concepts like market power, market definition, and efficiency are used in EU competition law to assess whether a company's conduct is anti-competitive.

  • Examples of EU competition law cases and the economic analysis used in those cases to determine whether a violation of competition law had occurred.

The article would also highlight the EU competition authorities and their role in enforcing EU competition law, such as the European Commission and the European Court of Justice. It would also provide an overview of the economic impact of EU competition law on the EU market and its member states.

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