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Dominance, Book One; Jules

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents 5

Prologue 12

Chapter 1: They Meet 15

Chapter 2: First Night 43

Chapter 3: Alone 76

Chapter 4: The Fortress Awakens 87

Chapter 5: Road to Recovery 108

Chapter 6: Anya 136

Chapter 7: Above and Beyond 160

Chapter 8: Jacob Awakes 184

Chapter 9: Water Works 219

Chapter 10: Caught and Punished 256

Chapter 11: Unexpected Danger 288

Chapter 12: Gift Training 314

Chapter 13: Pearl Island, The Royals 340

Chapter 14 Gaining Power Quickly 350

Chapter 15: A Princess Found 385


Writing this book has been both challenging and fun. My seven children and their families have offered support and advice throughout this this undertaking. Most important is my wife whose constructive criticism, patience, and love has enabled me to complete this project.

- D. David Gregory

About the Author

Dr. D. David Gregory has a Bachelor of Science degree in physics from Stanford University, a Master’s degree and a Ph.D. in physics from the University of California at San Diego.

He spent his career working in the aerospace industry helping to design satellites and has several patents to his name.

He and his high school sweetheart have been married for over fifty-six years and counting. He has always been a storyteller to the delight of his seven children and twenty-eight grandchildren. It was natural for him to start writing novels as relaxation in his retirement.


Jules Arnold was happy and in the mood for celebration. She was about to board a Delta flight from the San Francisco Airport to Seattle, Washington after graduating from Stanford University with her BA and her MBA all in less than three years. Furthermore, she had graduated at the top of her class. Genius was often the word whispered when she entered a classroom. Already job offers from the top financial firms in the country were pouring into her mailbox, but they could wait a few days. She was going to Seattle for a well- deserved vacation. Little did she know that when she stepped off the plane in Seattle, her life would change forever in ways she could not possibly imagine.

To her, the world was as it appeared with people going about their daily lives. Countries pushing and shoving each other as they have always done.

However, the world was not so plain and simple. For over two thousand years, two forces hidden from most people had been struggling and fighting for dominance over the earth and all its wealth.

Even though this struggle had been deliberately kept from the normal world, it was still very real. The Royals wanted to have absolute control over the Earth’s financial wealth. Their tactics were ruthless, including murder, torture and blackmail. Their opponent was a loose-knit confederation called the Alliance. They fought for freedom for all. They fought with honor and pride. At this point in time, the Alliance was struggling and was in a defensive posture. The Royals were strong, seeking for an opportunity to strike the final blow at the Alliance. Neither group would have survived over the centuries except for a small group of people who were gifted. These gifted had mental powers far beyond most people. Some could read minds; some could move objects, and some were very bright in specific areas. Both the Royals and the Alliance survived in the modern world unseen because of their gifted ones. The Royals had more gifted ones than the Alliance, but the Alliance’s gifted ones were far more powerful.

Ultimately, it would be the Royal gifted ones against the Alliance gifted ones that would determine the outcome of this conflict, at least many on both sides thought that to be the case. During her stay in Seattle, Jules would have an accidental encounter with a tall, dark and handsome man named Jacob. This encounter would change her life path forever, as it would pull her into his world with all its dangers. Jacob was blessed with extremely strong gifts and his family led the Alliance. Jules would soon find that she too was blessed with extremely strong gifts, though she was unaware of them and yet to be trained on how to use them. Jules would soon find herself in love with Jacob and standing by his side, as they fought the Royals together.

They Meet

Chapter 1

The bright sun blazed in a blue sky as a cool breeze ruffled her beautiful long red hair. Jules Arnold could hardly believe that she was about to step into a large, green jet-helicopter located at a private airport in Seattle, Washington to fly to somewhere in Montana called Lost Mountain. Four weeks ago, she would never have imagined that she would be doing this. The events that had brought her here were certainly different than any she had ever experienced before. She smiled to herself as those events flowed through her mind...

…She had been excited as she left the 736 Delta airplane that had just landed in Seattle. The sky was dark and filled with broken, black clouds, which was clear evidence of a recent rain shower. At only twenty-one, this trip was her way of celebrating her graduation from Stanford University, with an MBA in only three years. Quite a feat, as her favorite professor had reminded her when he had handed her diploma to her. As further evidence of her financial genius, she had graduated at the top of her class and now had a pile of job offers from most of the major financial firms in the country. Despite her full ride scholarship at Stanford, she still had some student loans.

However, she figured with the kind of job and position she would land, she should be able to pay them off within her first year of work.

She had dressed for the cool, damp Seattle weather. She wore jeans, a long-sleeved pull over blouse and stylish tennis shoes. She carried her umbrella in her hand, but since the rain had stopped, she had no need for it yet. She had a single, mid- size four roller suitcase that had weighed in precisely at forty-eight pounds…two pounds under the limit. She tied her windbreaker to the suitcase and started to move towards the curb. Her small frame flowed with the crowd. With her petite body, she weaved swiftly through the crowd to the curb to await the shuttle bus that would take her to the Hilton. She had opted not to rent a car because of the expense and had decided that she would use Uber or the public transportation system to get her around town as needed.

She was happy. She had not really been this happy for many years. Her entire family had been killed in an automobile accident when she was only fourteen. The years following their death had been hard years… years of loneliness and struggle. She had worked and fought hard during those years to make her place in life. She had been determined, and that determination had paid off. She was, as they say, in a power position to search for a job.

Many financial firms eagerly sought to hire her.

She dearly missed her family, her parents and her brother and sister. They all had had bright red hair, like hers. It was hard for them to go anywhere without drawing attention. They were, after all, quite a sight. But now…now there was just her. She still felt alone, but she always imagined her Mom to be with her. She missed her so much.

“No,” she thought to herself with conviction, while waiting for the shuttle. “She wouldn’t be sad. She was here to have a little fun before starting her career, and that’s what she was going to do.”

The Hilton shuttle finally pulled up at the curb and she lifted her bag into the bus and sat down. She eagerly watched as the bus drove the few minutes to the hotel.

She had picked Seattle as her destination almost at random. Her budget would allow her three nights and four days to relax and explore. Being an introvert, she had made no real friends at Stanford, and was looking forward to exploring Seattle by herself. She had no idea that her life was about to change far more than she could have possibly imagined.

On her second day in Seattle, she had decided to splurge and have lunch at the Sky City Restaurant on top of the Seattle Space Needle. She chose lunch so she wouldn’t have to pay dinner prices. Their lunch prices were quite large enough for her small budget. After stepping off the elevator that took her into the restaurant, she looked out and saw that the sky was deep blue, and the air was crystal clear. She could see for miles. She could see Mount Rainier not too far in the distance. It was a magnificent sight. She had worn a pair of nice, black dress slacks with a pink button up top and long sleeves. She even had worn her low black heels to complete the picture of a young successful businesswoman on the way up.

“Well why not?” she thought to herself. “I’m here to have fun and since this is about as fancy as I can afford, I might as well dress up and enjoy.”

She had to admit, she looked sharp. She had braided her long red hair into a single loose braid that hung over her left shoulder. Her green eyes sparkled. As she ate, she enjoyed watching the city spin slowly beneath her. It was amazing!

She had finished her lunch and was waiting for her bill to come. While waiting, she decided to get a different view of the city below and stood to go to the edge of the rotating restaurant. When she took a step away from her table, a very tall man suddenly collided into her from behind, accidently knocking her petite frame to the floor. She started to get up to confront this rude man when she felt him pick her up as if she weighed no more than a feather. Apologizing, he gently sat her back into her chair.

She looked up and saw a man, well over six feet tall with a strong build and dark hair, dressed in an expensive gray business suit. His broad shoulders made him extremely handsome, not to mention his liquid blue eyes which instantly captivated her. His smile was soft and gentle…and breathtaking. Oddly, she felt as if she somehow knew him. As she stared at him, a warm feeling, one which she had never felt before, seemed to flow into her.

Smiling, but with true concern in his eyes, this stranger introduced himself.

“I’m so sorry. Are you alright? I’m Jacob Hunter. Can I help you?”

“No…no, I’m fine. Don’t worry about it,” she replied softly.

Just then a couple came over to her table to


“This my brother Michael and his wife Ruth,

explained Jacob, “… and I don’t know your name.”

“My name is Jules Arnold,” she replied. “I’m just visiting for a few days, trying to see some of the sites.”

“Listen Jules,” interrupted Ruth, “I’m a medical doctor and I’m concerned that you might be injured. Let me give you a quick once over to be sure you haven’t hurt anything.”

Then without waiting for Jules to reply, Ruth knelt by her chair and with expert hands, examined her to be sure nothing had been broken or hurt. She then took both of Jules hands into hers for a few seconds and gently smiled. Jules thought this a little strange. Ruth, however, had a purpose. Her powerful mind now probed this girl that her brother- in-law had just encountered. She held that position till she knew that the encounter had indeed been an accident and that this girl posed no danger to Jacob. In fact, she could sense their attraction to each other. Looking up at Jacob, she surprisingly suggested that he buy Jules dessert and pay for her lunch, since he had knocked her down. With that suggestion, Jules forgot the hand holding incident.

With those large eyes staring directly at her, Jacob asked her if she would accept this peace offering, and Jules readily agreed. Jacob sat down beside her and took her bill and laid his black American express credit card next to it. When the waiter came back to pick up the check and credit card, Jacob asked him to bring the dessert menu. It turned out that both Jacob and Jules had a real liking for chocolate cake. Jules' smile and her pleasant personality was as captivating to Jacob, as his was to her. After talking for a long while over dessert, Jacob asked if he could show her some of the sites of Seattle, at least for the rest of the day.

For some reason, she agreed, but only for the rest of the day. She normally would never accept such an offer from someone she had just met and knew nothing about. But there was something very captivating about this man. She almost felt compelled by an unknown force to agree to this one-day date. She smiled to herself, as she silently wondered if she had suddenly gone insane. As she

rose to go, he tenderly took her hand as they left the restaurant. A spark or something seemed to touch her inner soul as his hand touched hers.

As night approached, he returned Jules to her hotel. As he walked her into the hotel lobby, Jules was a little sad. She had had fun and really kind of liked this tall, dark and handsome man that she had just met. She was sorry for the night to end.

But to her surprise, he brazenly asked her for a second date the next afternoon to see more of the sites. Her heart pounded in her chest. Her mind screamed no, but her heart said yes. She smiled at him and agreed for one more afternoon with him.

She could tell that he was both relieved and delighted. As she turned and walked into the elevator alone to go to her room, she again felt a strong, unknown force that seemed to pull her to him.

That one more afternoon somehow turned into four weeks of fun, laughter and growing together. When, on their second date, she had explained that she couldn’t afford to stay in the hotel any longer and would have to go home the next day, he simply put her hotel bill on his charge account, until she left. At first, she was stunned as her mind once again screamed no, but her heart wanted more time with him, and her heart again said yes. The Hotel seemed to know Jacob and had absolutely no concern about this arrangement. And while Jacob was a large muscular man, he had always treated her with gentleness and respect.

Besides, both her parents had been well skilled in the martial arts and they had trained all three of their children in the art of self-defense, so she really was not afraid of him, despite his size. In addition, he was exciting to her and more important, he was becoming a friend. She didn’t have many, if any friends, and a new friend was a nice find.

As they spent time together, they each talked about their life history, and the things they liked to do. They found that they had so many things in common. They both loved history and the fine arts. They both liked the same movies, the same books and even the same jokes. Not to mention that every time he looked at her with those blue eyes of his, she felt drawn to him, and she could tell that he was drawn to her.

She remembered that first night. He had walked her into her hotel lobby from his limousine, he stared into her jade green eyes and told her what a wonderful time he had. He seemed nervous, no, inexperienced, thought Jules to herself as she rethought the scene. After securing tomorrow's date, he had left without trying to kiss her. Jules liked that. She liked the respect that he had shown her.

At the end of the second day of dating, he walked her to the door of her hotel room. Clearly, he was nervous and unsure as to what to do. Jules knew exactly what she wanted him to do, so instead of letting go of him, she held onto his arm and gave him a gentle smile and an inviting look with those beautiful green eyes of hers. She could sense the excitement within him. Slowly, as if drawn by some magical force, he took her into his arms and without a word, embraced her and gave her a long tender kiss. It sent chills throughout her body. She looked up at him and smiled as he kissed her a second time. That second kiss seemed to pierce her to her soul. She couldn’t explain it, but something seemed to link them together with a bond that grew stronger and stronger every day.

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