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Discovering the Gems of Jewish Literature: A Tour of Jewish Book Publishers

Jewish book publishers have a rich and diverse tradition of publishing works that reflect the history, culture and experiences of the Jewish people. They have played a crucial role in preserving and promoting Jewish literature, making it available to readers of all ages and backgrounds.

One of the most well-known Jewish book publishers is Schocken Books, which was founded in Berlin in 1931. The company has published a wide range of Jewish literature, including works by Jewish authors such as Franz Kafka, Walter Benjamin and Gershom Scholem. Schocken Books has also been instrumental in preserving Jewish culture and history by publishing works in Hebrew and Yiddish, and by making them available to readers around the world.

Another notable Jewish book publisher is the Jewish Publication Society (JPS), which was founded in Philadelphia in 1888. The JPS has published a wide range of Jewish literature, including works of history, religion, and fiction. They are known for publishing the most widely read translation of the Hebrew Bible, the JPS TANAKH.

Additionally, there are many smaller Jewish publishers that specialize in niche areas of Jewish literature. For example, Toby Press, which specializes in publishing contemporary Jewish fiction, and YIVO, which focuses on Yiddish literature and culture.

Overall, Jewish book publishers offer a wealth of literary gems for readers to discover. From classic works of Jewish literature to contemporary fiction, these publishers have played an important role in preserving and promoting Jewish culture and history for readers around the world.

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