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Cooking with Aloha: The Top Mutual Publishing Cookbooks

Cooking with Aloha is a popular theme in Hawaiian cuisine, which often combines traditional island flavors with contemporary cooking techniques. Mutual Publishing is a publisher known for producing cookbooks that showcase the diverse and delicious flavors of Hawaiian cuisine. Here is a guide to some of the top Mutual Publishing cookbooks for cooking with Aloha:

  1. "Hawai'i's Best Local Desserts" by Jean Watanabe Hee: This cookbook features traditional Hawaiian desserts such as haupia, coconut candy, and sweet potato haupia pie. It also includes contemporary recipes such as Hawaiian chocolate macadamia nut tart and Hawaiian bread pudding.

  2. "Cooking Hawaiian Style" by Bonnie Mandoe and Muriel Miura: This cookbook is a comprehensive guide to Hawaiian cuisine, featuring traditional recipes such as poke, lau lau, and kalua pig, as well as contemporary recipes like Hawaiian-style sushi and Hawaiian-style macaroni salad.

  3. "The Island Kitchen" by Sam Choy: This cookbook is a collection of traditional and contemporary Hawaiian recipes from chef Sam Choy. It features recipes for dishes such as poke, lomi salmon, and kalua pig, as well as more modern dishes like Hawaiian-style poke tacos and Hawaiian-style poke bowls.

  4. "Aloha Kitchen" by Alana Kysar: This cookbook features a collection of traditional Hawaiian recipes with a modern twist, such as poke with a wasabi-soy sauce and Hawaiian-style short ribs with a coffee-chili rub.

  5. "Hawaii's Regional Cuisines" by Bonnie Friedman: This cookbook is an in-depth exploration of the different regional cuisines of Hawaii, featuring recipes for dishes such as Molokai sweet potato, Maui onion soup, and Kauai shrimp.

  6. "Hawaii's Best Mochi Recipes" by Jean Watanabe Hee: This cookbook features traditional and contemporary recipes for mochi, a sweet glutinous rice cake. Recipes include traditional mochi like daifuku mochi and strawberry mochi, as well as unique variations like mochi donuts and mochi ice cream.

  7. "The Hawaiian Slow Cooker" by Bonnie Mandoe and Muriel Miura: This cookbook features traditional Hawaiian recipes adapted for the slow cooker, such as kalua pig, lau lau, and poke, as well as unique recipes like Hawaiian-style slow cooker chicken curry and Hawaiian-style slow cooker short ribs.

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