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Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: Basics and Beyond

"Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: Basics and Beyond" is likely a book or resource that provides an overview of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), a form of psychotherapy that aims to change negative patterns of thinking and behavior. The book will likely cover the basics of CBT, such as its underlying theory, the key therapeutic techniques used in CBT sessions, and the types of mental health conditions for which CBT is most commonly used. It may also discuss the evidence base for CBT, including research on its effectiveness and the conditions for which it has been found to be most effective. Additionally, the book may delve into more advanced topics related to CBT, such as the use of CBT in combination with other treatments, the use of CBT with specific populations (such as children, older adults, or individuals with chronic illness), and the use of technology in CBT (such as online or app-based interventions).

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