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Breaking into the Scene: A Look at the Hottest New Comic Book Publishers

Comic book publishing has traditionally been dominated by a few major companies, but in recent years, a number of new and independent publishers have emerged on the scene. These up-and-coming publishers are bringing fresh perspectives and diverse voices to the comic book industry, and are quickly gaining popularity among readers.

One of the hottest new publishers is Image Comics, which was founded in 1992 by a group of popular comic book creators. Image has become known for publishing creator-owned comics and graphic novels, giving writers and artists more control over their work and a greater share of the profits. Another notable new publisher is BOOM! Studios, which was founded in 2005. BOOM! has quickly made a name for itself with its diverse line of comics and graphic novels, including licensed properties and original titles across a wide range of genres. Other new publishers include Black Mask Studios, Vault Comics, and AfterShock Comics, which are also gaining popularity for their unique and diverse stories.

These new publishers are breaking into the scene by creating new opportunities for creators and readers alike, and are helping to expand the comic book industry in exciting new ways. By offering a variety of genres, diverse stories and new perspectives they are keeping the medium fresh and relevant.

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