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Breaking into the Canadian Fantasy Publishing Industry

Breaking into the Canadian fantasy publishing industry can be challenging, but there are several steps that aspiring authors can take to increase their chances of success:

  1. Write a strong manuscript: The most important step in getting published is to write a strong, polished manuscript that stands out from the competition. This means paying attention to grammar, pacing, and character development, and ensuring that the story is both engaging and original.

  2. Research the industry: It is important to research the Canadian fantasy publishing industry and become familiar with the different publishers, agents, and magazines that are active in the field. You can also get a sense of what kind of fantasy stories are currently popular and what might be considered a hard sell.

  3. Get feedback on your manuscript: Before submitting your manuscript, it's a good idea to get feedback from beta readers, writing groups, or writing professionals such as editors or agents. This can help you identify any weaknesses in your manuscript and make necessary revisions before submitting it.

  4. Query agents and publishers: Once you have a polished manuscript, you can start querying agents and publishers. This involves sending a query letter that includes a brief summary of your manuscript and a brief author bio. It is important to follow the guidelines of the publisher or agent you are querying to increase your chances of success.

  5. Build a platform: Building a platform or an author brand is becoming increasingly important in the publishing industry. This can include having an active social media presence, a website, blog, or podcast. This can help you to connect with readers and other industry professionals.

  6. Don't give up: Breaking into the Canadian fantasy publishing industry can be a long and difficult process. It's important to be persistent and not give up. Keep writing, submitting, and building your platform, and eventually, you'll find the right fit.

It's worth noting that getting traditionally published is not the only way to break into the industry, self-publishing and small press publishing are also options that some authors might consider.

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