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Bible League International: A Major Christian Book Publisher

Bible League International is a major Christian non-profit organization that focuses on the distribution and translation of the Bible worldwide. Founded in 1938, the organization is committed to providing Bibles to people in need, including those living in poverty, persecuted Christians, and others who may not have access to the Bible. Bible League International works in more than 60 countries around the world, providing Bibles, Bible study resources, and training to individuals, churches, and organizations.

Bible League International is not a traditional book publisher in the sense that they don't publish books in commercial way, they focus on providing bibles to those who do not have access to them, through partnerships with local churches and organizations, and by supporting Bible translation projects. They also provide training and resources to help people engage with the Bible and grow in their faith. The organization is supported by donations from individuals, churches, and other organizations.

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