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Behrman House: Jewish Education and Literature

Behrman House is a Jewish publishing company that has been providing materials for Jewish education since 1924. The company has a strong tradition of publishing works that explore Jewish culture, history, and religion, and its mission is to provide resources that help educators and students to deepen their understanding of the Jewish tradition.

One of Behrman House's notable contributions to Jewish literature is the publication of educational materials such as textbooks, workbooks, and teacher's guides. These materials are widely used in Jewish schools and synagogues and are designed to help students of all ages to explore and understand the Jewish tradition.

In addition to educational materials, Behrman House also publishes fiction, poetry, and non-fiction works for children and young adults that explore Jewish culture and history. These works are designed to engage and inspire young readers and help them to develop a deeper understanding of the Jewish tradition.

Behrman House also publishes a wide range of Jewish holiday books and resources, such as haggadahs, Passover picture books, and prayer books, as well as Jewish history books and biographies, which are widely used in Jewish education.

Overall, Behrman House has made a significant contribution to Jewish education and literature. Its commitment to publishing educational materials and works that explore Jewish culture and history has allowed educators and students to deepen their understanding of the Jewish tradition. It continues to be a leading publisher in Jewish education and literature.

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