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Adventures with Sparky

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Thank you to the Babysitters of Sparky and Draft Readers of the book

Cindy Musbach & Hildegard Meissner

Family member’s comments about the book–“Adventures with Sparky”

“The book is cute and touching. You could tell Rick had feelings for the baby squirrel. Good Story.”

Judy Reinders

Neighbor’s comments about the author – Richard K. Meissner

The best way to describe Richard is a loving, helpful and concerned friend, family member, and US Citizen. He is a creator, problem solver, great listener, and takes on everyone’s problems as if they were his own. He loves nature and does everything possible to protect the earth, air, water, plants, and animals. He is observant of all God’s creatures, and he will rescue any creature in need. As a neighbor, I have seen him make homes for, feed, house, and care for so many of nature’s creatures. The way he treats turtles, raccoons, fish, deer, rodents, and birds is so thoughtful and caring. Even the fish in the lake will watch for Rick as he walks down his stairs, and then follow Rick along the shore waiting for him to feed them. Yes, fish can see or hear him from the water and follow him as he walks. Many fishermen come to his shore to catch the fish with their painful hooks, but not Rick. He only feeds them. Rick can catch them with his bare hands. Many neighbors come by just to see him interact with the fish. As you read his “Adventures with Sparky” book written during the Coronavirus pandemic, you will understand Rick’s love for nature and his surroundings. You will also notice some of the creative thoughts and actions he took in order to solve the challenges encountered while rescuing and raising a helpless abandoned baby squirrel. Rick has a “Love for Nature.”

Joanne Minessale

Table of Contents


The Day Sparky Found Me 1

My Softer Side 4

First Two Nights with Sparky 8

First Week with Sparky 12

Kitten Milk to Solid Food 20

Sparky Made New Friends 27

My Body Became a Racetrack 30

Sparky Advances to New Levels 34

Outdoor Cage and Squirrel Tree House 36

A Practice Release 40

Sparky’s First Day Outside-Back to the Wild 43

Sparky’s First Night Outside 48

Someone Was Watching Me 54

Just a Crazy Little Squirrel 57

Failures of a Surrogate Mother 62

A New Game 67

Squirrel House Makeover 69

Table of Contents (Continued)

First Day Sparky was Gone for Over 24 Hours 73

Sparky Adventures Out 76

Sparky is Fully Grown 78

Sparky and Me; the Odd Couple 82


Credits 85

About the Author 86

Sparky in the Wild 88

The Day Sparky Found Me

Chapter 1

Sparky was a baby red squirrel. He was a gift given to me during the Coronavirus Pandemic beginning in early May of 2020. Sparky found me while I was working on my car in the driveway.

He was approximately five weeks old at the time. His eyes were open, and he was fully covered in fur. For some reason, he was attracted to me. He climbed onto my shoes, up my socks, and onto my pant leg. He even tried to bury himself under the tongue of my shoe. He was very friendly. At first, I thought he was a baby chipmunk who just did not get his stripes yet. Later, my neighbor told me that he was a red squirrel. So in fairness to Sparky and his parents, I left a blanket on the ground for him to hide in, thinking his parents would come back and reclaim him.

About an hour later, his parents were nowhere to be found. They did not come to get Sparky. It did not take long for me to decide he was abandoned, alone, frightened, and most of all, hungry. I felt bad thinking he might die if he did not get the proper care. So…, the story begins.

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