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A World Made by Hand: A Simple Path from the Preindustrial Age to the Third Millennium by Matthew Ca

"A World Made by Hand: A Simple Path from the Preindustrial Age to the Third Millennium" is a non-fiction book written by Matthew Carr, first published in 2008. The book is a study of the preindustrial world and its relationship to the modern world, arguing that many of the problems faced by the world today can be traced back to the way in which the industrial revolution transformed society. The author looks into the history of preindustrial societies and the way they were organized, and how they interacted with the environment. He then compares these societies to the modern industrialized societies, highlighting the changes that have taken place in the way we live, work and think.

The book has received positive reviews for its unique perspective on the history of the world and its ability to connect the past and the present. The author's main argument is that the industrialization process has led to a disconnection between human society and nature, which has caused many of the problems we face today. He suggests that we can learn from preindustrial societies and find solutions in their wisdom and ways of living. The book has been praised for its detailed research and thought-provoking analysis, but has also been criticized for its lack of solutions to the problems it identifies.

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