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A List of Resources for Photography Book Publishers

Here are a few resources for photography book publishers:

  1. Blurb: A self-publishing platform that allows photographers to create and sell their own photography books.

  2. Photobook Worldwide: An online platform that offers a wide range of printing options and services for photographers who want to publish their work.

  3. Mörel Books: A photography book publisher that specializes in contemporary fine art photography.

  4. Nazraeli Press: A publisher of limited edition photography books that focuses on contemporary and historical photography.

  5. Aperture Foundation: A non-profit organization that publishes photography books, as well as produces exhibitions and educational programs.

  6. Kehrer Verlag: German publisher specialized in photography and art books

  7. Mack Books: Independent publisher of photography books and artist monographs based in London.

  8. Dewi Lewis Publishing: UK based publisher specialized in photography and art books.

  9. T&G Publishing: Specialized in fine art photography books and photographic monographs.

  10. selfpublishbeawesome: A platform that helps photographers to self-publish their work in the form of a book, zine, or magazine.

It's worth noting that this list is not exhaustive and there are many other publishers and resources available. It's always best to research and carefully evaluate the options before making a decision.

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