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A Guide to the Best Orthodox Christian Publishers in the Industry

Orthodox Christian literature can be found from a variety of publishers, both within and outside the Orthodox Church. Some of the best Orthodox publishers in the industry include:

  1. Holy Cross Orthodox Press: This publisher is affiliated with Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology and focuses on producing books on Orthodox theology, spirituality, and liturgy.

  2. St. Vladimir's Seminary Press: This publisher is affiliated with St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary and is known for producing high-quality academic works on Orthodox theology, as well as translations of the Bible and Church Fathers.

  3. Ancient Faith Publishing: This publisher specializes in producing Orthodox books, music, and icons for the English-speaking Orthodox community. They also have a large selection of audio and video recordings of Orthodox liturgical services and lectures.

  4. Light & Life Publishing: This publisher is known for its wide range of Orthodox literature, including theology, Church history, and spiritual guidance from both ancient and contemporary authors.

  5. The Orthodox Christian Education Commission (OCEC) : This publisher is a non-profit organization which focuses on publishing books, materials, and courses that promote the education and formation of the Orthodox faithful.

It's also worth noting that different jurisdictions of Orthodox Christianity may have their own publishing houses that reflects their perspective and emphasis. When searching for Orthodox books, it is important to look for books that are produced by reputable publishers and have been reviewed by respected scholars. Additionally, it's good to be aware of the author's credentials and their adherence to traditional Orthodox teaching. Ultimately, it's important to read widely and critically when studying the Orthodox faith, and to approach any book with an open mind and a willingness to learn.

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