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A Guide to Local History Book Publishers for Aspiring Writers

Aspiring writers who are interested in publishing their work on local history may want to consider working with a local history book publisher. These publishers specialize in publishing books that cover the history and culture of a specific region or community. Here is a guide to help aspiring writers find local history book publishers:

  1. Research local history publishers: Look for publishers that specialize in local history by searching online or visiting your local library. Check their websites for information about their publishing focus, submission guidelines, and contact information.

  2. Check out local history bookstores: Visit local history bookstores and talk to the staff about local history publishers. They may have information about publishers in your area and can provide advice on how to submit your work.

  3. Contact local historical societies: Many historical societies have their own publishing arm. Contact them to see if they are accepting submissions or if they can recommend a publisher that specializes in local history.

  4. Network with other local history writers: Attend local history conferences and meetings, and network with other local history writers. They may have experience working with local history publishers and can provide valuable information and advice.

  5. Submit a proposal: Once you have identified a few local history publishers that align with your area of interest, prepare a detailed proposal and submit it to them. Make sure to follow their submission guidelines and include a sample chapter of your work.

It's important to note that, like any other type of publishing, getting a book published with a local history publisher can be a competitive process and there is no guarantee of publication. But by following these steps, you increase your chances of getting your work in the hands of the right publisher.

In conclusion, publishing a book on local history can be a fulfilling experience for an aspiring writer. By researching local history publishers, checking out local history bookstores, contacting local historical societies, networking with other local history writers and submitting a proposal, an aspiring writer can increase their chances of getting their work in the hands of the right publisher.

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